What is the best way to travel the east coast of Australia?

//What is the best way to travel the east coast of Australia?

What is the best way to travel the east coast of Australia?

There is never a wrong way to travel but first of all you should realise the great distance from Sydney to Cairns, Australia or reverse. A little bit of careful planning now, and a good trip will turn into a fantastic one!. I have put a few ideas here that might help you decide what is better for you. I understand that everyone is different and has a different budget so you might want to come in and have a talk with one of us at Travel Forever or you can always send an email. Remember it is free to talk to us and we like to be as helpful as we can.

If you want to travel 18 days or less then I recommend that you choose one of our great tours. These will allow you to see and experience as much as possible in a short amount of time. I have 5 trips in the shop or you may want to have a look at the website. They typically include all or most of your meals, accommodation, national park fees, driver/guide and as much fun as you can handle. I am often able to get a discount. So ask me before you book and I will do my best for you .Oh …. and one more thing, you must also remember to book early as these can be very popular.

If you are really short on time then car hire will get you there even faster….. again come in and see me as I have some one way hire cars and I will help you make the most of your time.

Most travellers will take from 21 to 28 days.  Some take a lot longer to really experience everything. There are beaches, Rainforest, desert islands, reefs, Mountains and loads of national parks waiting for you to discover!!!

Campervans.  These come in all shapes and sizes and quite often lots of colours too! I would have a guess at $70 to $100 a day in the winter and up to $90 to $140 a day in the summer. If there are 2/3 of you it can be very cost effective. You can go where you like, when you like and have a fantastic story to tell your friends when you get back home. Some people have said this is a very cheap way to travel. But I guess it depends on what you want to get out of your road trip. Hopefully your travelling friends have the same interests as you and it also helps if no one snores or has smelly feet. Ha ha!!

I always get the best available prices for you as this is what I do every day. I challenge you to get your best price from the internet and I will show you the same van, same dates and cheaper!

Bus passes  There are 5 passes that are valid for 90 days from when you start to travel and I have found that these are the most popular way to go along the coast. They are very popular because you can jump on and off where you like and you will meet lots of other young travellers along the way. Oh….did I mention they are very well priced. See me and I am sure I can get a discount too. I personally think that Greyhound are the best as they have 4 buses a day and if you plan well you can travel some of your journeys at night, saving on accommodation.

Premier Coach Lines offer passes that are a little bit cheaper which is good if you already know when and where you want to go. Please be aware that they have only one bus a day so sometimes this can mean a 2am departure or arrival time! I sell all the passes in the shop. Another advantage of a bus pass is that we can make a discounted package for you by adding some open dated tickets for sailing around the Whitsunday islands and a 4WD drive trip to Fraser island or how about our east coast secret location. We have a Castaway island where we fly you to a desert island with 15 others.

We use a small 4 seat plane to get you there for 3 AMAZING-BLOW- YOU- AWAY days for the great price of only $249 SSSSSHHHHH!!! Don’t tell everyone. We can only do this for 15 people at a time. So come in and ask me about it. I really hope that this information helps you. We are always here so come in and say hello and we can make a plan.

Hey! Look for my next letter on “What is the best ULURU tour?”. Paul

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