How to travel Australia in a camper van?

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How to travel Australia in a camper van?

I am often asked “What is the best way to see Australia?” and to be honest the question is far too complex to give one direct answer. However, travelling the open road in a camper van with friends and/or family is really hard to beat. At Travel Forever, we have more than 15 years experience searching for the best deals for clients wanting that ultimate road trip experience.

We know you want the best VALUE deal and we know how to find it!


Emu Crossing


Indian Ocean Drive Princes Highway
Great Ocean Road Gold Coast Highway
Barrier Highway Bruce Highway
Goldfield Highway Sunshine Motorway
Stuart Highway Eyer Highway
Birdsville Track Gibbs River Road
Flinders Highway Great Northern Highway

In Australia, there were more than 50 operators at last count. They cover budget backpacker older models, mid-range quality vans and premium campers. You may already know that it can take hours of researching the internet. But, will you be absolutely sure that you have seen all the available options? Probably not. Looking up camper vans is not something you do every day and we understand that.

Give us the following information and we will email you some great value campers.

– How Many Passengers are there? campervan
– Where do you want to start/and finish?
– How many days will you need?
– What dates that you wish to travel?
– Do you need a toilet and shower in the van?


All of this is very important because it will make a great difference to the overall price and to your journey on the Australians’ roads.

The cheapest advertised daily rate is not always the best overall deal. You have to take in the age of the van and what insurance is included with one way fees. We can practically guarantee we will get you a deal you are happy with.

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