Some Of The Top Destinations To Study In 2020-2021

The pandemic has left many with incomplete plans. With many students dropping out and unsure of their futures, there has been a major fall in the economy as employees have been fired from their jobs. Amid all this, it’s important to not lose hope. If you’ve graduated from high school and are hoping to expand [...]

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The Top 10 City Breaks in Australia

Written by Laura Graham Founder & Writer for Australia is known for its large expanses of “untouched” land and beaches. Its 25,760 km of coastline is home to some of the most urbanised areas and populated cities in the world, which makes Down Under an excellent place to have a city break. Find out [...]

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Skydive in Jurien Bay, Perth

Ja ja, daar ging ik dan. Skydiven in Jurien Bay, naar eigen zeggen 'World's Most Beautiful Beach Skydive'. Ik moet eerlijk zijn, normaal zou ik dit niet zo snel doen (Ik hou niet zo van hoogtes). Maar hey, aangezien ik toch een bucket list aan het afwerken ben door hier in het prachtige Australië te [...]

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