3 Day Castaway Island Adventure

//3 Day Castaway Island Adventure

3 Day Castaway Island Adventure


Includes transfers from the Greyhound bus stop to the airfield. Return flights from 1770 airfield to Middle Island. National park fees, lighthouse tour, free use of kayaks, rubber tractor tubes and other assorted items. Roomy tents with thick mattresses, camp kitchen with cooking and eating utensils, food storage boxes (wet and dry), maps, first aid kit, water for drinking and cooking only. Camp toilet, USB power and lighting, evening meal – nominal additional cost $5/night – see itinerary. (a hearty beef stew, for vegetarians it is a hearty stew without the meat).

For 3 days and 2 nights leave the crowds behind as you fly onto your own island paradise!
With only a handful of other adventure seekers and an array of wildlife to keep you company, try kayaking, snorkelling, or hike across the island and discover the natural beauty of Pancake Creek and Jenny Lind Creek. A Castaway experience that you will remember forever, for all the right reasons.

  • 1770
  • Castaway Island

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You will be picked up and transferred to the airfield where you will board your flight to your Castaway island adventure. Your flight will take approx 15 min, so have your camera ready for the amazing scenery. The plane will land on the beach right outside your camp. There are many things to see and do on the Island. Here are just a few:

•  Kayak
•  Relax in the rubber tubes
•  Snorkel
•  Explore the caves on low tides
•  Soak in the natural salt water spa
•  Pick and eat oysters off the rocks
• Catch fish – fish type and size chart provided in camp
•  Swim in the pristine water
•  Relax on the sand and soak up the sun
•  Relax and read a book in the hammock
•  Watch the sunsets (or sunrises)
•  Walk along the bush tracks to Pancake Creek, Jenny Lind Creek or walk along the beach


There is a Camp Kitchen (under shelter) with tables, gas cooking stove, fresh water, cutlery, pots and pans, can opener, cool boxes and food storage containers.

From the Camp Kitchen area there is a short trail leading to the tents, the tents are set up and include thick mattresses.

Lights and USB power (for phones etc) are available in camp.

You will find maps for walking trails in camp, please take care when moving around on the island, there are snakes about… STAY ON THE TRACKS and watch where you are walking.

You will need to be ready for pick up for your return flight (back to the Agnes Airfield) at the same time as you arrived on the island, unless otherwise advised.

So that everyone can enjoy being on a castaway experience there are a few requests from us. We do not like to call them rules but we have to draw the line in the sand somewhere!

You will attend a briefing at the Greyhound bus stop on Round Hill Road (close to the Caltex service station) at your nominated time, usually on the day of departure. At the briefing, flight times will be allocated and any questions can be answered. Ensure you arrive 1/2 hour before your flight time at the same location as the briefing. Collect items such as food and ice, prior to this time. Flight times are tight due to tides, so it is important you are not late. If you are late the plane will leave without you and there won’t be a refund! Hire equipment such as sleeping bags, fins and snorkels can be picked up at the briefing. The 4 seater Cessna 172 has a small luggage compartment so pack light (small pack or small bag only). It is possible to take some larger items such as fishing rods and guitars at the pilot’s discretion. Please check with us before departure! If you have a car or van, it can be parked at the airstrip for free. It is at your own risk, we are not responsible for your vehicle or belongings.

DO NOT AT ANY TIME move towards the aircraft while the motor is operational. Do not touch anything on or in the aircraft without the consent of the pilot. There is a camp supervisor on the island to ensure the smooth running of the camp and to advise you what to do and where to go on the island. They are not there to clean up after you. Your deposit will not be refunded if you do not assist in keeping the camp, including your own tent, clean.

DO NOT GO IN THE WATER AFTER CONSUMING ALCOHOL. NO FOOD IS PERMITTED IN TENTS – place all food in storage containers in the kitchen area. Food left in tents can attract rats, snakes and other vermin. All rubbish is to be placed in bins with the lid sealed. This also ensures that rodents, snakes or other pests are not attracted to the camp area. National Park Requirements – THIS IS IMPORTANT! You will be in a National Park and you have a responsibility to care for the area and local wildlife. The Island is a National Park and therefore has strict requirements on keeping it clean for everything and everyone (flora, fauna and people) to enjoy for future generations. Do not touch the local wildlife on the island (even the dead ones) as this can spread disease and disturbs the natural ecology of the island. If grass seeds or other material is found in your clothing, remove them and place in the bin provided at the airfield prior to departure. Leave nothing behind, except your foot prints.

Extra Costs

Hearty evening meal $5/night – payable to pilot on the day of your flight (compulsory due to limited space and cooking facilities for 15 people) Optional sleeping bag – can be purchased or hired before departure.

Additional information


3 days & 2 nights camping on Middle Island.


Flights depart every second day (weather permitting). FLIGHT TIMES will be allocated by Bruce on the day of your flight (flight times vary each day, depending on when low tide is).


Flights return two days after you arrive on Middle Island.


15 maximum, on the island camp.


A small bag is all that we can allow. Storage can be arranged before you depart.

Dietary requests:

Please advise us of any dietary needs in advance.

What to bring:

A small back pack for your personal items of clothing. Food for breakfast, lunch and snack food you require for the entire time you are on the island. (No glass containers). Dinner is provided for $5/per night, everyone helps to prepare the dinner and clean up. Drinks or alcohol as required (No glass containers) Note: water is provided, ice (optional). A water container for hiking, sleeping bag (purchase or hire locally), insect repellent, sunscreen, hat, toilet paper, torch, bushwalking shoes, phone and charger – (for safety if there is an emergency) snorkel, goggles and fins (optional – purchase or hire locally). Fishing lines and bait (optional – can purchase locally). A sense of adventure!

Optional Activities:

Optional snorkelling equipment – can be purchased or hired.


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