The Pinnacles Magic Tour!

//The Pinnacles Magic Tour!

The Pinnacles Magic Tour!

If you are going to ask me what I loved most about the Pinnacles Magic Tour, the answer is: I didn’t love one thing, I loved single thing of the tour!

Considering that opened its doors only a year ago, they are doing a pretty great job. You can definitely see that the company is run by true tourism professionals. I was lucky enough to experience the tour with both tour guides Marielle and Richard. They are the best tour guides you can have on a tour; their knowledge of WA is the best and really educational.

Our first stop of the day was at to see kangaroos and koalas in their own natural environment.

Next we got an introduction in local aboriginal culture at the Wangi Mia Meeting Place, which was really interesting. Being all excited makes you hungry of course so next up: the early morning coffee and tea with bush tucker tastings. YUMMY! (For those of you who don’t know what a bush tucker tasting is; it’s native Australian food, which on tour includes kangaroo and emu meat and delicious native jams and local cheeses).

Stuffed with all the nice food and warm drinks, off to the next stop; the Pinnacles desert in! And oh, they were definitely Magic! You can take some amazing pictures and while you’re at it, try to see what kind of shapes you can find in the different Pinnacles… From angels to nuns, you will see it all if you use your imagination! Also, go to the Pinnacles Discovery Centre, it is beautiful and full of more information for you to learn! Plus, you can buy your souvenirs here!

And then, ready for lunch! This time we enjoyed it at the BEAUTIFUL Hangover Bay. For me, it was paradise. Just make your own sandwich (or salad, or take cookies, chips and fruit) and enjoy it at the beach -or at the provided picnic tables- whatever you like.

With lunch in our stomach, (which by the way was the richest lunch I’ve ever had) we were off to do some sand boarding! I have to say, those sand dunes look so pretty, almost too pretty to slide off of them! But please do! It is such a rush, I loved it. Plus, getting up the sand dune is an exercise on its own, which means that you can have some more chips and cookies on the way home 😉

With a perfect end of a perfect day, we drove back to Perth. This tour is highly recommended as for me, it was the best I’ve ever done. It has everything; it is personal, educational and so much fun! It really is a Pinnacles tour!

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