Perth to Exmouth 8 day tour with Red Earth Safaris

//Perth to Exmouth 8 day tour with Red Earth Safaris

Perth to Exmouth 8 day tour with Red Earth Safaris

WOW!  How lucky are we to get Rowena to write up her personal view of our 8 day Perth to Exmouth tour. So, a big thank you from us.  To find out more about the tour follow this link 8 Day Perth to Exmouth ultimate safari.

Day 1 Perth to Cervantes

Hopped on the bus at Perth’s YHA with a backpack and a pillow, a sense of anticipation and a rough idea of the week ahead of me. A man named Terry greeted me with a firm handshake and an authentically Australian G’day, he was to be our personal guide, chauffeur, encyclopedia, parent, chef, and medic for the trip. Once all 13 of us were on board the bus and comfortable in our own seats, Terry ran through what we can expect from the tour, he told us a few comical stories from trip’s past and we began chatting amongst ourselves, asking questions typical of travelers – Where were we all from? Where had we been? What were we looking forward to most?   

Our first stop was Yanchep, as we took a look around the park Terry pointed out native eucalyptus tree’s and grass tree’s, and some had their first close encounter with kangaroo’s and koala’s. Next we hit the lime sand dunes of Lancelin, with significant effort we made it to the top, then came the fun, sliding down the face of a dune on small boards coated with surf wax, the brave and the reckless gave standing a go. We scrubbed the sand off our feet, had a brief lunch of fresh salad and ham sandwiches, got settled at our dorms for the night in Cervantes, took a beach walk, and then hit the road again (with a small detour to the bottle shop) to visit the world famous Pinnacles. Camera’s clicked away as we took in a brilliant orange sunset, and snacked on crackers with dip. Arriving home we feasted on warm, home made lasagne and learnt more about each other. 

Day Two – Cervantes to Kalbarri

The first of our early starts. An assorted breakfast of tea and coffee, toast and cereal, and we headed further north. Stopping at Dongara, for some carrot cake from the local cafe and a look at the jetty, a few flying fish flittering in the water in front of us. Then back on the road, some passengers fitting in a snooze, and other’s having their first glimpse through the windows, at vast and beautiful West Australian farm land. We parked at Grenough Wildlife Park, a refuge for injured and orphaned West Aussie animals. There we had the opportunity to get up close with native birds, camels, a crocodile, dingoes, and feed some kangaroo’s. We were also lucky enough to take turns cuddling Asher, a young Kangaroo Joey who suffered from a broken leg, and Angelica the python.

Unbeknown to many, we visited a separate country, The Principality of Hutt River Province, located in WA. There we met, Prince Leonard, a man of character and rare collections (coins, crystals and letters from the queen) and his son, who gave us a historic tour of the Province. Arriving in Kalbarri, we had some free time to stroll around the bay. We had a lesson in Aussie slang, over barbecued chicken, sangas (sausages) and salad for dinner.

Day Three – Kalbarri to Monkia Mia

After a toasty breakfast, we are on the bus, heading to magnificent Z bend gorge as the sun rises. When we arrive at our destination we look down at a river flowing through red rock, and breathe in fresh air. Some of us opted for an abseil down the rock face, a little frightening for those who are new to walking backwards off a ledge, but a rewarding experience. We then ventured further down, jumping rock to rock, to a secluded pool and sat down to take in the views, have a bite to eat and go for a swim. Terry told us more about the unique flora and fauna we encounter, and we’re off to Nature’s Window and Hawk’s head, both popular tourist attractions, surrounded by outback Australia.

A few hours later and we were looking at and learning about the oldest living organisms on the planet, Stromatalites, at Hamelin pool. We also stopped at a place named Shell beach, a little rough on the feet (a strong foot massage), but not to be missed, the sea and sky blended seamlessly on the horizon. The night was spent at Shark Bay, a place with small town charm, and friendly people. We devoured some carbonara for dinner and headed to the local pub for a few drinks and Karaoke night, again with the brave amongst us, taking the stage. 

Day Four – Monkey Mia to Coral Bay

First thing we made our way to Monkey Mia cove, a place famed for its warm water and playful dolphins. We took our place in a small crowd on the beach, and listened to a guide tell us about the different dolphin pod’s that visit Monkey Mia everyday. Eagle bluff was our next pitstop, windswept we searched for life in the clear aqua water beneath us, from the lookout we could see squid and stingray’s.

Perhaps the most interesting drive of our trip, we seemed seriously insignificant driving down the second longest road in Australia, as red, dry land stretched far beyond every window, we were able to catch sight of some Hawk’s flying above. Our destination was a remote, and largely untouched area of WA, a sheep station with it’s own private beach. Jumping on the back of a truck, we made our way to the waves, took a refreshing dip in the salt water, had a few drinks on the sand as the sun set and then back to the sheep quarters where we spent the night around a campfire sharing stories and listening to guitar. Our dinner was a delicious roast followed by a dessert of toasted marshmallows and we slept under a blanket of stars.

Day Five – Coral Bay to Exmouth

The most relaxing point in our trip. We spent the day sun baking at Coral Bay, a tropical oasis just out of the outback. Coral Bay is popular with those who travel up north, and there are bountiful oceanic tours available, we had our choice of several. With a few others from my tour, I boarded a Glass bottomed boat, for a coral viewing tour. Snorkeling you can discover coral meters off shore, but being taken further out meant we got to glimpse giant clams, and swim through pristine, colourful corals. As we jumped in the water we were greeted by schools of fish and a wild sea turtle.

For lunch we grabbed some freshly caught fish and chips and thai fish burgers near the bay. Hours later, blissed out, and a little sunburnt we made our way up to Exmouth. One we arrived, we got settled in our rooms at the Pot Shot hotel, had some mouthwatering mexican food for dinner and then headed to the adjoining pub for some dancing and a few happy hour cocktails.

Day Six – Exmouth Overnight

Early rise, full of adrenalin. We made our way to Exmouth Diving Centre just outside our hotel, where we were briefed for our swim with the whale sharks. Then half an hour later we were at the docks, boarding a boat set for just beyond the surf break, where ocean giants awaited us. Once we were suited up in wetsuits, dive masks, snorkels and flippers, we jumped into the big blue and were met by plenty of fish, coral and reef sharks. The second dive we witnessed manta rays gliding through the water.

A spotter plane circled above us searching and our captain was in contact with every other boat in the water, all aiming to give us the best dive possible. Then just before a delectable lunch of fresh bread and meat and salad platters, we had an experience that can only be described as extraordinary, we swam side by side, with a 7 meter long female whale shark, rare and graceful, this queen of the water seemed un fazed by our presence, swimming just metres below the surface. Then before we could catch our breath, two humpback whales began to break surface metres from our vessel.

Those who opted not to join us on the tour, didn’t miss out, they joined Terry in spending what they described as a perfect day at Turquoise Bay, swimming and sunbaking at one of Australia’s most treasured reef hot spots. At night, we walked to a local restaurant and energetically shared stories of the day over pizza.

Day Seven – Exmouth to Northampton

A change of pace and direction. We load the trailer and head south, with a few pit stops for petrol and fresh air we make our way down to Northhampton. Everyone is reflecting on the trip thus far, and the bus ride goes smoothly and quickly. Terry tells us a few ghost stories from previous stays at the Old Convent, where we will be sleeping for the night. All fairly tired from a day of chit chat and games on the bus, we arrive at the convent ready for fish and chips. In the kitchen we meet other spirited travelers heading north, we eagerly fill them in on the beauty of WA. Terry has organised a private room for us to dine, and after dinner we sit and play cards games until late in the night.

Day Eight – Northampton to Perth

The final stretch. Our last breakfast together has come around all too quickly. We load the trailer and hit the road. The morning bus trip is spent exchanging contact details, and as Terry takes us on a scenic route of the Swan Valley, he tells us all about the wineries and chocolate company. We say our goodbye’s back in Perth just before midday. I’m in disbelief at just how much we got to see and do in 8 days and I find myself promising to visit the wild west coast again, very, very soon.

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