How to Spend a Weekend in Dandenong – Guest Post

//How to Spend a Weekend in Dandenong – Guest Post

How to Spend a Weekend in Dandenong – Guest Post

What is life without adventure? The great outdoors has proven its benefits to our wellbeing. A trip offshore the chaos of the city is the best therapy. The happiness of gulping down the fresh air and venturing outside our comfort zones has no boundaries. Though leaving the urban rat race and taking time from the busy schedule is overwhelming. Well with Dandenong ranges it is not. With amazing hotels in Dandenong and hidden delights, the place has something that can please everyone.

Melbourne is a busy city, and when life serves a plate full of jobs finding some calm in the busy city is difficult. But, at some point, we need to unwind, and Dandenong has everything to make our weekend mesmerizing. Here are some of the best ways to spend a weekend at Dandenong.


Puffing Billy Railway

The steam railway is the major attraction of tourists. Australia’s steam railway is one of the best steam railways in the world. If you want to experience Dandenong, do not miss the puffin ride. The ride will rail through the forest, fern gullies and farmlands, from Belgrave to Gembrook. The ride offers an exquisite experience to tourists. It operates every day except Christmas.


Burrinja Cultural Centre

If you are someone who loves creativity and art and entertainment, Burrinja cultural centre is the best place for you. It is the creative heart of Dandenong ranges. Burrinja is a vibrant community centre that encompasses multiple gallery spaces, artist studio, a 400 set theatre, live music, art activities and events, garden, and gallery shop. The centre also has a coffee shop inside so people can enjoy the brew while exploring state-of-art theatre and music and events.


Gardens of Dandenong ranges

The place offers amazing botanical gardens to indulge in the calm and cool nature of the Dandenong. If you are wondering how to find a place to enjoy the calmness and nature, you must take the ride to the gardens of Dandenong. There is no combination that can beat the combination of nature and soul. Here are some of the gardens that you can visit:

  • Cloudehill nursery & garden
  • Dandenong ranges botanical garden
  • William Ricketts sanctuary
  • Pirianda garden
  • George Tindale memorial garden
  • Alfred Nicholas memorial garden
  • Karwarra garden at Kalorama
  • Skyhigh mount


Cuckoo Restaurant

What’s more interesting than a place to unwind with delicious German cuisine in a warm and welcoming atmosphere? The cuckoo restaurant is another favourite attraction to the tourist. The place is situated just 50 minutes from Melbourne. The restaurant is decorated in the style of Bavarian Chalet and staff are dressed in traditional costumes. The cuckoo serves the most delicious food prepared by the first-class chef’s. The restaurant is ideal for a family. The restaurant offers the beauty of the ranges, delectable meals, and entertaining events throughout the year.


So, if you want to have a luxurious meal away from the chaos, Dandenong ranges Cuckoo restaurant will give no chance of disappointment.


Trees Adventure

Trees adventure is Victoria’s first eco-adventure in a beautiful heritage garden ‘Glen Harrow Gardens’ in Belgrave, which is close to Puffing Billy. This hidden gem of the Dandenong features rare trees including an oak tree, known as a home tree where all the courses branch out from. Also, the gigantic Sequoia that rises sixty meters above the earth and two Chinquapin- the only known Japanese oaks in Victoria are features of this nature adventure that offer an amazing adventure fun for all ages.


Not only these two, but there are other hidden trees that can offer fun to people of all ages. All you need to take care of booking. It is a compulsion to book the tickets.


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Article courtesy of Daniel Clark

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