Take a Cruise on Sydney Harbour to enjoy the Amazing Attractions of Australia

//Take a Cruise on Sydney Harbour to enjoy the Amazing Attractions of Australia

Take a Cruise on Sydney Harbour to enjoy the Amazing Attractions of Australia

The Waterway

Going west past North Head to the north and the Hornsby Lighthouse to the south one enters an amazing body of water in and around Sydney Australia. Looking at a map one can see there is a major fork in this waterway to the northwest, but the main fork runs straight west.

This is a major body of water that runs straight through Sydney, dividing the city into a north-side and a south-side. It is generally broken into many bays and inlets. It continues further to the west, narrowing more and more along the way and providing fewer bays and inlets.

Past George Kendall Riverside Park the waterway takes on the characteristics of a wide river. By the time it reaches Parramatta Park and St Patricks Cathedral the river considerably narrows. This article will be mainly about the attractions to be found in the environs of Sydney proper and what we refer to as Sydney Harbour.

The Sights and Attractions

The thriving cruise industry has taken hold in these environs, mostly offering day cruises to many a satisfied tourist and native Aussie alike. Let’s consider some of the main tourist sites that can guide you through all the attractions one should cover on their trip.

Again, going from the east toward west along the main waterway that goes by Sydney Harbour, one comes to Taronga Zoo. This is a green park-like area on the north side of the waterway. It is on a peninsula that juts southward. The Zoo has native Australian wildlife like koalas and kangaroos. It also has animals from all over the world just like any other zoo.

Going further east and south on the south side of the waterway, we come to the Royal Botanic Gardens. Many a cruise line will let passengers off at these gardens to enjoy their natural beauty. This attraction is perfect for enjoying a picnic or just for wandering around and marvelling at the many species of plants contained therein.

Just north of these Gardens on a peninsula is the world-famous Sydney Opera House. No doubt this is the most distinctive building in all of Australia. During Special Events, this Opera House is lighted up and at the centre of gigantic fireworks displays.

Continuing west and spanning both sides of the waterway is a less famous landmark known as Sydney Harbour Bridge. Locals call this Bridge “the Coathanger.” It is up to 134 meters above the water and connects both sides of the harbour at a distinct angle. It was constructed in 1932 and is in the centre of Sydney where the waterway narrows before expanding a bit to the west.

A Versatile Cruise Line for Exploring Sydney Harbour

If one goes to various websites then one will find a very versatile cruise line that specializes in Sydney Harbour excursions. This is the Internet home for cruises such as Sydney Princess Cruises.
Another destination one may come across on the above web site includes Circular Quay. Circular Quay is on the south side of the waterway in central Sydney and is where many cruise ships dock and leave from. Keep in mind that most daytime cruises may drop one off to have fun in the sun at strips of beach that are not overcrowded. They also tend to deliver one to parts of Sydney Harbour where there are many fine cafes to relax at and where one can shop as much as desirable.


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