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Mar 10

Pinnacles Magic Tour, Western Australia


With a start at an early 7 AM I began making my way to YHA in the city, where the tour bus promptly picked us up. We all got on and had a 10-minute talk exchanging names and discussing what we knew and we were from, discovering we had a diverse crowd we were excited to learn more about one another. What fascinated me was the fact that as soon as the bus started Richard, our amazing tour guide, started already with facts and news about Perth and when it formed, which most other tour guides wouldn’t do, and so we started our journey up towards the lush Yanchep National Park.



We turned into the long road of the National Park and again, Richard described the growth of Grass Trees and the history of the park. As the group followed Richard down the path, hundreds of kangaroos were surrounding the whole park, and what a sight it was. He then explained the what seemed like hundreds of species that the park contains, from the kangaroos to the black cockatoos. It also got explained that there were over 900 species of Eucalyptus trees on the park grounds. As we continued through the crisp 8 AM morning, we got to see the Koalas in their natural habitat, sleeping on what looked like twigs, once we counted all of them Richard took us to Wangi Mia, a meeting place for the Aboriginals. Again, Richard blew everyone away with his extensive knowledge and we all left Wangi Mia we a little more knowledge and how at the end of this trip we would all be a big dot on the painting. After a little stroll through the National Park, Richard left us to prepare an extraordinary breakfast with a wide range of jams, breads, cheeses and even some smoked kangaroo, which is definitely worth a try. We discussed more and more about ourselves and all helped clean up after breakfast to reach our next destination, the little town of Lancelin.

We arrived at the town crying from laughter as jokes and facts went around the bus, we drove through to reach the most beautiful sand dunes I have ever seen, these looked massive and we were all excited to wax our sand boards up and make the climb to the top. What a view from the top of the sand dunes, you could see all of Lancelin and the beach the town sits on, and so much more. After heaps of times running up and down the dunes Richard could see everyone was ready for lunch. After a short timed drive, Richard explained that we should all look at the beach, so we all walked down together while he prepared out lunch. The beach was breathtaking and you could see the scattered boats and islands. As couples decided to walk up and down the white beach some decided to stay and dip their feet in the water, soon later we all travelled back for lunch to see an array for different choices for food. We all departed from the sun-soaked Lancelin and made our way to the one and only Pinnacles, we were all excited as Richard had hyped us up to see the main star of the day.



From Lancelin to the Pinnacles was the most awesome view as you could see the mass amount of grass trees and the forever stretching farm land, the massive wind turbines were something you must see at some point as even at the distance we were away from them they still looked massive. We finally got to the Pinnacles and the true blue sky was amazing, we walked along the footpath and occasionally on the path there were some tracks, suddenly Richard would jump to the floor and ask everyone what the print was and what animal it came from, he was so enthusiastic about such a small part yet he made it even better. We got to the main platform and you could finally see the rocks. As everyone was in awe Richard started to explain the meaning the rocks mean to the Aboriginals and explained this story that you have to hear for yourself, he goes so in depth he can make anything interesting. The contrast of the bright yellow sand and the fantastic blue sky is truly and sight to see, we also all decided to do the walk around which took around 30 minutes while Richard went to go and get some afternoon snacks going. It’s quite an amazing walk and would recommend everyone to do it, you can’t get lost.


We all were able to go to the gift shop and little sight museum full of information that isn’t that well known, everyone got something and then we all departed to have some tea and biscuits. After settling down we decided it was time to go, we got into the van and we were off. One last pit stop we make was back at Yanchep National Park, to see the last of the kangaroos, after that, we headed back into the city and he dropped us off at YHA, waiting for us to make sure we were all getting home safely, Richard departed from the drop off with a smile from ear to ear.


The Pinnacles Magic Tour was absolutely the best tour I have been on, everything from the bus rides to Richard himself, he was so enthusiastic the whole trip and with his experience and knowledge, you’ll learn so much more that you did at the start of the trip. I would recommend this trip to anyone that likes adventure and wants a laugh on the way, this tour is definitely different and has helped me understand Aboriginal Culture and the land.



Sep 30

How to travel Australia in a camper van?

I am often asked “What is the best way to see Australia?” and to be honest the question is far too complex to give one direct answer. However, travelling the open road in a camper van with friends and/or family is really hard to beat. At Travel Forever, we have more than 15 years experience searching for the best deals for clients wanting that ultimate road trip experience.

We know you want the best VALUE deal and we know how to find it!

Emu crossing

Indian Ocean DrivePrinces Highway
Great Ocean RoadGold Coast Highway
Barrier HighwayBruce Highway
Goldfield HighwaySunshine Motorway
Stuart HighwayEyer Highway
Birdsville TrackGibbs River Road
Flinders HighwayGreat Northern Highway

In Australia, there were more than 50 operators at last count. They cover budget backpacker older models, mid-range quality vans and premium campers. You may already know that it can take hours of researching the internet. But, will you be absolutely sure that you have seen all the available options? Probably not. Looking up camper vans is not something you do every day and we understand that.

Give us the following information and we will email you some great value campers.

– How Many Passengers are there?campervan
– Where do you want to start/and finish?
– How many days will you need?
– What dates that you wish to travel?
– Do you need a toilet and shower in the van?


All of this is very important because it will make a great difference to the overall price and to your journey on the Australians’ roads.

The cheapest advertised daily rate is not always the best overall deal. You have to take in the age of the van and what insurance is included with one way fees. We can practically guarantee we will get you a deal you are happy with.

Jun 2

Pinnacles magic


My name is Chantel, I live Perth Western Australia. I took part in the “Pinnacles Magic” day tour on May the 30th, 2016.
If you interested, follow the link down bellow :
This tour is rated number one  on Trip Advisor :
We began our WA adventure north with an early start of 7.00am with a pick up from Perth’s YHA in the city centre.
I had the fantastic opportunity trying native aboriginal Bush tucker. Consisting of  Kanagroo meat and Emu. Native Australian plants such as bush tomatos and many different types of traditional Australian Chuckneys and Jams. We learnt about their culture and history at the Yanchep National Park. I got the chance to see magnificent Australian wildlife in their natural habitats; Kangaroos, Koalas and Native Birds.
Marielle our wonderful tour guide informed  us all along the way about the amazing Australian history and the religious spirits of the Aboriginal people.
Our next stop we came to was the amazing Pinnacles in Cervantes, we had a look around at the amazing Sandstone rock Formations. Some large and small , differnt shapes and sizes.  Having Marielle our guide explaining the history of how these formations came about , was so fascinating.
We had a lovely filling lunch at the beach , buffet style lunch there were many varietys of different foods. There were also many snacks to have throughout the day.
Later we had a stopover in the coastal town of Lancelin and experienced the thrill sandboarding down Lancelin’s snow white dunes. it was a great way to end the tour.
Throughout the tour I felt very relaxed, the tour wasn’t rushed at all, we had personal time to walk around and explore by ourselves. It was beautiful day with lovely clear skies and beautiful sunshine. I learnt so many things about Australia and its history. I would most definitely recommend this tour
 to people who are visiting for holiday, or even people who are living in Perth to see a different side to WA, how beautiful it really is and at times we can really do take it for granted.
Apr 28

Pinnacles Magic : Une journée loin de tout

     Fraîchement arrivée de France à Perth, j’avais la grande envie d’en découvrir plus sur ce nouveau territoire. Mon aventure en Australie Occidentale débute donc par un tour à destination du désert des Pinnacles avec quelques arrêts sur le trajet. Ce tour est proposé par la compagnie Travel Western Australia qui est réputée être la meilleure  pour ce tour sur Trip Advisor.

Si jamais vous voulez réserver : 
Sur Trip Advisor :

Vendredi matin à 7h du matin, en centre ville, Marielle notre guide passe donc nous prendre au point de rendez-vous avec le bus dans lequel nous voyagerons toute la journée. Il dispose de tout le confort nécessaire et Marielle met à notre disposition des sacs remplis de petits en cas pour palier aux possibles petits creux. Il y en a pour tous les goûts, un des sacs est destiné aux petits gourmands avec des biscuits, des bonbons ou encore des chips alors que le second est quant à lui pour les plus sages rempli de fruits.

Le premier arrêt se fait au bout de 45 min environ au Parc National de Yanchep. Ce parc est connu pour son grand nombre d’animaux natifs australiens comme les kangourous, les koalas ou encore certains perroquets.

Au petit matin il est facile de les apercevoir lors de leur petite balade en groupe. Après avoir pris quelques photos, on se dirige alors vers la Wangi Mia, qui est le lieu de rassemblement traditionnel aborigène. Marielle est une guide passionnée et passionnante qui prend vraiment le temps de partager ses connaissances sur la culture des premiers habitants de l’Australie. On se rend très vite compte qu’elle sait vraiment de quoi elle parle. La tête bien pleine, il est maintenant temps de remplis son estomac.Notre guide dresse donc une jolie table pour que nous puissions profiter d’une petite pause thé/café accompagnée des spécialités locales. On se régale avec les fromages produit en WA, les confitures Made in Australia sur du pain encore chaud de la boulangerie ou encore les viandes séchées de kangourou et d’ému.
 On remonte ensuite dans le bus direction le désert des Pinnacles dans la joie et la bonne humeur. Les commentaires de Marielle qui ponctuent le trajet font passer le temps plus vite et ni une ni deux, nous étions déjà arrivée à destination. Après quelques explications géologiques et les traditionnelles photos de groupes amusantes, nous sommes libre de nous balader à notre guise au cœur des Pinnacles tout en étant prudent car il est très facile de se perdre étant donné que tous les rochers sont plus au moins semblables.
L’estomac dans les talons après notre petite balade, nous repartons pour aller déjeuner. Cette fois ci, le trajet ne pourrait être plus court, il nous faut environ 5 min pour rejoindre la très jolie plage de Hangover. Là encore, Marielle prépare une jolie table pour nous près de la plage. La nourriture est fraîche et en quantité, de quoi rassasier les plus gros appétits. Le déjeuner présente sous forme de pique-nique où chacun peut confectionner son propre sandwich ou sa propre petite salade. Les combinaisons possibles sont très nombreuses et il est facile de s’adapter aux différents régimes de chacun. Apres le repas, nous allons tous nous balader sur cette place très jolie et très calme. Libre à vous de vous baigner ou de juste tremper vos pieds dans l’eau.
Couvert de sable, nous remontons dans notre petit bus en direction de Lancelin pour aller faire du sand-board. Très simplement, il s’agit de surf ou de luge, tout dépend votre niveau d’adresse. L’endroit est juste superbe, parfait pour passer une merveilleuse fin de journée. Les dunes de sables s’étendent à perte de vue et l’océan indien se dessine au loin. Après quelques explications de sécurité, c’est parti pour 1h d’amusement. On retombe clairement en enfance.
      Malheureusement, c’est déjà l’heure de repartir vers Perth après une journée bien remplie.
Pour conclure sur cette expérience, je recommande vivement ce tour de grande qualité où vous ne manquerez pas de vous amuser et de vous instruire. Le guide sait vraiment de quoi il parle. Ce sont des gens passionnés et passionnants.L’ambiance bonne enfant est au rendez-vous et vous ramènerez un petit peu de la culture aborigène avec vous grâce à ce que vous apprendrez
Mar 2

A day tour to the Pinnacles in Western Australia

Pinnacles Tour

Enjoy an informative introduction into local aboriginal history in Yanchep National Park, an area of great significance in both Aboriginal and modern Australian cultures.

You will taste traditional Bush Tucker for morning tea and have a go at playing the didgeridoo. Meet native Australian wildlife in their natural environment: koalas, kangaroos, birds and more! Visit the coastal town of Lancelin and experience the thrill of sand boarding down gigantic sand dunes.

“It started off as an early pick up at 7:00 am from Perth city centre then right into the tour. The amazing tour guide Richard talked about the history of Perth when it was first settled and about the aboriginal culture.” Ethan Mattaboni, Australia.

A beautiful day today with loads of wild kangaroos, some sand boarding legends, a delicious lunch and plenty of time to enjoy the magical Pinnacles Desert.“This is a great tour. Very informative. I would definately recommend this tour.” Jose, Phillipines.

“The tour guides passion made the tour unforgettable and the history interesting. Thank you Marielle for a wonderful tour.” Wai, Hong Kong

“The food is delicious!” Yiyi, China

 “Excellent tour and knowledgeable tour guide. Good arrangement. Great healthy meal and great lunch location.” Jiajie, China

“Awesome trip!” Nikoon, Thailand
“Everything is perfect” Yu, China

 The tour has a relaxed feel to it, the entire tour is unhurried but there was still the upbeat fastness of doing sand boarding and swimming in the clear blue Australian beaches. The food was tasty, plentiful and something to suit every taste, from a wide range of tasty foods such as bush tomato chutney and Mango & Macadamia conserve to smoked Kangaroo.

Prices range from $145 for adults and $65 for children between 4 & 12, children, children 3 and under get in for free. Departure all year round is 7 am Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays returning at about     7 pm. You can book here.

Feb 8

Luggage storage Perth, Western Australia

Luggage storage is hard to find in Perth. However “Travel Forever” located at 135 Barrack-street at the Wellington street end is Luggage Paradise. They will look after suitcases, Bags and whatever else you can think of to be stored. Their contact number is (08) 62670700 and as of February 2016 it is $5. They only do this as a service and the luggage is stored at the back of the shop behind a curtain.They are open 7 days Monday to Friday 9 am to 6 pm, Saturday and Sunday 10-5pm. This is for day use only.

Dec 1

10 day Perth to Broome

There it was finally, the day that I’ve been waiting for. Monday the 9th of November, the start of my 10 day tour up to Broome!

Some insight already: the tour is 10 days, 9 nights. 4 nights in shared dorms, 5 nights of camping! You and your group will most probably form one big happy family. You guys will do team-banding while preparing breakfast, lunch and dinner. Not to mention the banding during the hikes, seeing dolphins, snorkelling, sitting in the bus for hours or sitting around the camp fire with a sky full of stars.

Yes, this tour was awesome. Definitely do this tour if you’re looking for some adventure and meeting great people. The 1st day started off good: getting to know everyone while wondering around at the Pinnacles desert and later on have fun with sand boarding at the beach of Jurien Bay. We finished a fun first day in Kalbarri where we had an overnight stay in a local backpacker hostel.

Day 2, off to take a look in Kalbarri National Park. We’ve seen the beautiful gorges including Natures Window. Plus, there is also a possibility to abseil, on your own expense but not expensive at all and definitely worth a try! After seeing these amazing gorges and having lunch, we went up to Shell Beach. This is one of only two beaches in the world made entirely of shells and it is stunning! After our little ‘chill’ session at Shell Beach, we drove up to Denham to spend the night situated right in front of the beach… Did I mention this tour was awesome? 😉
Note: if you are doing this tour in Spring or Summer, be aware of high temperatures. Put loads of sunscreen on and wear light clothes.

Day 3, off to Monkey Mia to see some dolphins! These dolphins usually come up shore 3 times, although it varies because they are wild. We got lucky and were able to see them get fed 3 times. If you are really lucky, you get chosen from the public to feed the dolphins as well! After seeing the dolphins we went up to Shark Bay and Hamelin Pool, again beautiful places to take beautiful pictures. And then, off to Coral Bay!

Arriving in Coral Bay just before dinner on day 3, sticky from sitting in the bus, it was awesome to take a jump in the pool of the hostel. ‘Fresh’ and ready to eat burgers for dinner. After a nice night with the group, day 4 was there. Day 4 was a nice day to relax in Coral Bay; you could either go on one of the tours offered or just fill in your own day. Some did their own thing and did some snorkelling at the beach, while me and a view other people took the eco tour to swim with the Manta Rays. This is for your own expense but I really recommend it to everyone. You go out there on a boat and I just couldn’t believe my eyes – the colours of the sea… Wow! They take you out to different places on sea to do snorkelling and of course to see and swim with the Manta Rays. Late afternoon it was time to take a short drive up to Exmouth, to spend the night at the private campsite Yardi Creek Station – our first night sleeping in tents! I personally LOVED it here; we sat around the campfire, had pasta for dinner and had drinks together. Not to mention the amazing sky full of stars. I have never seen so many stars!

Day 5, another day of relaxation. We did some snorkelling and had the perfect day at Turquoise Bay, lying at the beach and in the water. Full of energy again, we had dinner at the campsite – tacos! And again, a good night with marshmallows at the campfire, loads of falling stars and good company. Everybody went to bed early, as we had to wake up the next morning at 5am. We had a long drive up to Karijini and thus, needed enough time for the drive. No worries though, we got sunrise in return ;).

Day 6, off to Karijini National Park! We arrived late afternoon at a new camping site! The Karijini Eco Retreat was awesome! We slept in tents again, this time with swags in there so you could decide if you wanted to sleep outside or in the tent. A good night again, full of laughter and a delicious meal for dinner; fish and chips! Next up: day 7 and 8! Two full days in Karijini, hiking through the gorges! It’s definitely a highlight, seeing waterfalls and different beautiful pools to cool off. You can make your friends and family members pretty jealous I reckon with the pictures you can take here ;).

After our last night in Karijini, (stew for dinner, lots of drinks, music and laughter combined with rain and thunder! How awesome do you want it to be!?) we said goodbye to the national park on day 9 and drove up to Port Hedland to have lunch. After lunch we continued our journey, on to the Pilbara region to spend our last night together! We just did some chilling in the pool, had good conversations and had a great BBQ. A lovely last night of the tour!

Day 10! I can’t believe how fast these 10 days went by! We started this day at Eighty Mile Beach where we just wandered around for a bit (and of course, took some great pics). And then it was time to drop everyone off at their accommodation in Broome! And although the tour was over, we did have dinner at Divers Tavern with almost the whole group. A great ending of a great 10 day tour!

So, to sum up this amazing tour:
You’ll see AMAZING things. You can take GREAT pics. Make LOVELY new friends….
Oh well, let’s just say it will be the best experience you’ve had in a long time 😉 For me it definitely was!

Nov 2

Skydive in Jurien Bay, Perth

Ja ja, daar ging ik dan. Skydiven in Jurien Bay, naar eigen zeggen ‘World’s Most Beautiful Beach Skydive’. Ik moet eerlijk zijn, normaal zou ik dit niet zo snel doen (Ik hou niet zo van hoogtes). Maar hey, aangezien ik toch een bucket list aan het afwerken ben door hier in het prachtige Australië te zijn, waarom niet? Lekker even uit je comfort zone, doe is gek!

Aangezien Skydive Jurien Bay 7 dagen per week is geopend –en een afspraak dus zo is gemaakt- zo gezegd, zo gedaan. Om 08.15 uur s’ochtends werden we opgehaald in Perth. Een busje kwam voorrijden, lekker op tijd. En daar gingen we dan, op naar Jurien bay!

Een kleine 2,5 uur later waren we dan eindelijk daar. En gek genoeg, sloegen de zenuwen er nog steeds niet in. Het papierwerk werd vrij snel geregeld en vervolgens mochten we de instructie video gaan bekijken in een apart kamertje. Niet veel later werden we in onze harnassen gehezen!

Helaas hadden wij die dag geen strak blauwe lucht, in tegendeel. Het was zo erg bewolkt, dat we even moesten wachten. Zij moeten namelijk wel een beetje zicht hebben, om goed op het strand te kunnen landen. Niet veel later ging daar dan toch het eerste groepje er vandoor met de bus naar het vliegveld. Voor mij nog eventjes geduld; ik mocht met my friend op de volgende ‘vlucht’ aangezien wij voor de 14.000 feet hadden gekozen.

En daar was het dan toch ineens onze beurt, niet lang wachten later. We werden eerst even naar het strand gebracht om de rest te zien landen, en toen werden wij naar het vliegveld gebracht. Wij hadden ditmaal geluk, wij hadden het vliegtuig voor onszelf! En dan ineens gaat alles heel snel…

Met mijn benen al uit het vliegtuig hoorde ik: “Are you ready?”. Ik weet dat ik nog iets heb geschreeuwd van “O my god”, en niet veel later vielen we het vliegtuig uit. Het enige wat ik kan zeggen is: WAUW. Het is even een seconde van fear wat er over je heen komt wanneer je het vliegtuig uit springt, maar de free fall is géweldig. Ik sprong van 14.000 feet, dus ik had een free fall van een minuut. Serieus; alsof je ineens kan vliegen! En dan, het moment dat de parachute uitgaat en het prachtige uitzicht hebt van Jurien Bay.. Ja, tot nu toe was dit het beste wat ik heb gedaan in Perth. Hell, dit gaat voor mij de boeken in als één van de beste dingen die ik ooit heb gedaan!

Conclusie: hoe bang je ook bent, hoe een hoogtevrees je ook hebt. Dit moet je een keer gedaan hebben! Wat een kick, en wat een ervaring rijker. Tip: koop absoluut het filmpje én de foto’s. Zo kan je nog duizenden keren genieten van jou skydive, en je vrienden en familie natuurlijk ook 😉

Oct 27

The Pinnacles Magic Tour!

If you are going to ask me what I loved most about the Pinnacles Magic Tour, the answer is: I didn’t love one thing, I loved single thing of the tour!

Considering that opened its doors only a year ago, they are doing a pretty great job. You can definitely see that the company is run by true tourism professionals. I was lucky enough to experience the tour with both tour guides Marielle and Richard. They are the best tour guides you can have on a tour; their knowledge of WA is the best and really educational.

Our first stop of the day was at to see kangaroos and koalas in their own natural environment.

Next we got an introduction in local aboriginal culture at the Wangi Mia Meeting Place, which was really interesting. Being all excited makes you hungry of course so next up: the early morning coffee and tea with bush tucker tastings. YUMMY! (For those of you who don’t know what a bush tucker tasting is; it’s native Australian food, which on tour includes kangaroo and emu meat and delicious native jams and local cheeses).

Stuffed with all the nice food and warm drinks, off to the next stop; the Pinnacles desert in! And oh, they were definitely Magic! You can take some amazing pictures and while you’re at it, try to see what kind of shapes you can find in the different Pinnacles… From angels to nuns, you will see it all if you use your imagination! Also, go to the Pinnacles Discovery Centre, it is beautiful and full of more information for you to learn! Plus, you can buy your souvenirs here!

And then, ready for lunch! This time we enjoyed it at the BEAUTIFUL Hangover Bay. For me, it was paradise. Just make your own sandwich (or salad, or take cookies, chips and fruit) and enjoy it at the beach -or at the provided picnic tables- whatever you like.

With lunch in our stomach, (which by the way was the richest lunch I’ve ever had) we were off to do some sand boarding! I have to say, those sand dunes look so pretty, almost too pretty to slide off of them! But please do! It is such a rush, I loved it. Plus, getting up the sand dune is an exercise on its own, which means that you can have some more chips and cookies on the way home 😉

With a perfect end of a perfect day, we drove back to Perth. This tour is highly recommended as for me, it was the best I’ve ever done. It has everything; it is personal, educational and so much fun! It really is a Pinnacles tour!

Aug 2

What to see in Perth on a short visit.

This list has been compiled by Travel Forever tour and Information center 135 Barrack street, Perth 08 62670700. This is the information sheet we give out to people that have a short time in Perth .

Free City Walks
Depart from the small Tourist information office located on Murray Street mall and run by our wonderful volunteers. Pic above


Kings Park – voted no. 6 in the world!
 It can be reached from the city using bus number 37.
This heads west along Adelaide terrace. Free service.
 Free guided tours in the park daily at 10.00am, 12.00pm and 2.00pm. They run every day throughout the year, except Christmas Day. The tours cover a variety of topics.
Any visit to Perth should include a visit to Kings Park rated by Trip Advisor in the top six city parks in the world and we are proud to add that it beat central park in New York. There is an information office on Frazer Avenue by the restaurant that has maps and offers free guided tours.

Free CAT Buses around Perth
Visiting Perth any time of the year offers visitors the chance to explore this wonderful city on foot or using the FREE CAT (central area transit buses) they are colour coded RED, YELLOW, BLUE and GREEN. They usually do a loop so there is no possibility of getting lost! You can jump on and off across the city and visit the many places of interest.
All Tours can be booked through TRAVEL FOREVER at 135 Barrack Street, Perth. 6000
We are open 7 days per week 9am-6pm and Sundays 10am-5pm.
Bookings can be made via phone (08) 6267 0700, online at
or email us at

The Pinnacles – Nambung National Park
“Pinnacles Magic” day tour departs Mon, Wed and Fri at 7.00am
 Currently ranked No. 3 on Trip Advisor
 Price $145 adult $65 child (12 or under)
 Phone 08 6267 0700 or to book
 Lunch included
“Professional tour guides with years of experience”
Explore the amazing Pinnacles desert and visit the discovery centre. Learn about Aboriginal culture & taste traditional Bushtucker plus experience the thrill of sand boarding!
Meet native Australian wildlife in their natural environment, Koalas, Kangaroos, birds and more!



Margaret River, Cave, Wine, Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse,
Boranup Forest and Busselton Jetty

 Full Day trip
 Departs: Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri and Sat 8:00am
 Returns: 9:30pm
 Distance: 700kms
 Price $215 or $185 concession
 Phone 08 6267 0700 or visit
Visit the iconic Busselton Jetty, the longest timber jetty in the Southern Hemisphere. Head to one of Margaret Rivers’ oldest breweries for a gourmet platter lunch of local produce, with complimentary beer and cider tastings. Continue south to an internationally renowned winery to taste some of the best wines in the region. Next it’s a Mammoth Cave guided tour, and then pass through the Boranup Forest to be captivated by the size of the Karri trees. Then off to Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse, the dividing point between the Southern and Indian Oceans. Stop at Margaret River township to stroll the main street. Break at a restaurant for a light dinner then its back to Perth, arriving approximately 9:30pm.

Full Day Wave Rock, York, Wildflowers and Aboriginal Culture
 Full Day Trip
 Departs: Tue, Wed, Fri, Sun, 8:00am
 Returns: 8:30pm
 Distance: 700kms
 Price from $175
 A journey through WA’s wheat belt to Wave Rock, truly one
of Australia’s most incredible natural landforms.
Heading east enjoy morning tea at historic York, the first township founded in the Avon Valley. Then visit Hippo’s Yawn, a rock formation which resembles a hippo yawning. Followed by a break for lunch at the Wildflower Shop. See the spectacular Wave Rock and the ancient Gnamma Holes. Whilst here visit either a Wildlife Park or view a unique Antique Lace Collection. Leaving Wave Rock you will visit The Humps
and finally Mulka’s Cave. Returning to Perth with a stop at the quaint country of Babakin for afternoon tea.

Rottnest Island
 Day Tour
 Same day return ferry
 Ferry and Bike Hire $99 from Fremantle
 Ferry, Bike and Snorkel Hire $117 from Fremantle
 Come in to Travel Forever for Discount tickets.
Rottnest Island awaits you for endless fun, amazing wildlife encounters or simply time to relax! A leisurely 25 minute ferry ride from Fremantle, it is home to spectacular white sandy beaches, unique wildlife and a fascinating history. Rottnest Express offers a range of both escorted and self-guided day tour packages. Hire a bike and explore the island at your own pace.

London Court – Free
 647 Hay Street – Perth
 At the entrance, the clock face is a replica of the ‘Great Clock’ at Rouen in France.
Take a stroll back in time when visiting Perth’s iconic London Court, just off the Hay Street Mall in Perth. Built in 1937, London Court captures a setting and atmosphere of Tudor England which is an architectural delight. It’s the perfect holiday shopper’s destination; Aboriginal art, handmade jewellery and souvenirs.

Aug 2

Do you want to visit Margaret river and the south west? Then read this!

Australia is big, and this can be deceiving. When you look at a map of Australia the south west corner looks small in comparison to the rest, but in fact with an area of approximately 140,000 square kilometers it is 3.3 times bigger than the Netherlands (41,526 square km’s) and slightly bigger than England (130,395 square km’s)! So when you are planning a holiday to this region please take into consideration how big this area is. Three days is the standard length of a tour around the region for backpackers.There is also a great value 4 day motel style tour if you like a little comfort like me. This is really at best a flying visit. I would recommend five or six days to see all the highlights, and longer if you want to explore the smaller towns – some of which are fascinating.The best way to do this is by Car or camper van which we can assist with. Car and camper van prices vary throughout the year with demand. However we are able to get better quotes for you because we are located here in Perth and we book lots of them.

Driving times are relatively short, due to good roads through unpopulated areas, but driver fatigue is something that needs to be kept in check. Perth to Margaret River is approximately 3 hours. Margaret River to Albany approximately 4.5 hours, and Albany to Perth five hours.

Margaret River has become the most famous and most popular town for visitors in the region, and this is well deserved. It has a diverse range of activities and a huge range of accommodation providers, so there is something for everyone here. From luxury hotels and private ‘spa’ retreats offering weekend pampering packages to setting-up your own camp beside a stream in some picturesque bushland, the Margaret River region is delightful. It is the area around the town though that makes it special. Wineries dot the landscape some being spectacular buildings.

The further south you travel the trees get taller as with Boranup forest.

Image result for boranup forest

We have a Tourist information center in Perth you are welcome to visit us or call +61 62670700 where we can supply you with FREE maps and booklets to make your journey an interesting one.

Jun 18

Visiter Perth gratuitement grâce aux volontaires

Depuis peu, dans la ville de Perth se trouve un kiosque ouvert de 9h30 à 16h30, dans lequel vous trouverez des bénévoles qui sont là pour vous donner un maximum d’informations sur les événements, les activités, les commerces, les attractions de la ville, des plans, des brochures, des horaires, etc. Mais pas seulement !

Ils proposent également aux visiteurs de découvrir la ville de Perth grâce à leurs visites guidées tous les jours à 11h (CITY ORIENTATION) et sur différents thèmes les après-midi à 14h :
– le lundi « Icons of Influence »
– le mardi « Art City »
– le mercredi « Convicts & Colonials »
– le jeudi « Town Hall »
– le vendredi « Boom or Bust » (Fri 2pm)

Ces visites sont la meilleure façon d’apprendre sur l’histoire, l’art, le colonialisme, les mines, l’or, tout ce qui est intéressant d’apprendre sur la partie occidentale de l’Australie. Ce sont de petites visites pédestres d’environ 90min. Néanmoins, en cas de grosses chaleurs en été, de pluie en hiver ou pendant les jours fériés ces visites ne se font pas.

Quant à mon expérience, peu de jours après mon arrivée à Perth je me suis rendue au kiosque et ai participé à la visite guidée de la ville à 11h. Nous étions un groupe d’une dizaine de personnes avec une volontaire très agréable.
Nous avons commencé par l’histoire de la magnifique COMMONWEALTH BANK.

Ensuite, nous nous sommes dirigés vers le quartier de Northbridge où nous avons pu découvrir la galerie d’art, la bibliothèque et le théâtre.

Nous sommes revenus vers la ville en passant par Hay Street pour admirer la sublime façade du London Court.
Après cette agréable pause dans le passé nous nous sommes rendus à Barrack Jetty près de la Swan Bell, là où se font tous les départs en ferry pour Rottnest, le zoo, les croisières dans la Swan River.

Inutile de vous dire que nous avons, tous, été surpris d’apprendre comment cette cloche (Swan Bell) était arrivée en Australie. Je vous laisse le découvrir, ahah !

N’hésitez pas à le faire, cela ne vous coûte absolument rien ! Pour une fois qu’on peut profiter de quelque chose de gratuit à Perth !!!! Je vous garantie, c’est la meilleure façon de découvrir et d’apprendre l’histoire de Perth !!!
Ps : petit conseil, allez-y au moins 10 min avant le départ de la visite 😉


Apr 25

In Kings Park

Il giusto argomento di cui parlare in questi giorni e`indubbiamente Kings Park! Domani sara` il 25 Aprile, il tanto atteso ANZAC DAY! Sara` un evento davvero emozionante che avra` luogo di fronte al monumento e la sua eterna fiamma, dove migliaia di persone, tra australiani e non, riporteranno alla memoria i membri Anzac che presero parte nella Guerra combattuta a Gallipoli durante la prima Guerra mondiale. E` proprio per questo che e` stato concepito il sensazionale evento, per onorare tutte quelle persone che, esattamente cento anni fa, persero la vita difendendo la loro terra. Ma Kings Park non e` solo questo, e` davvero una continua sorpresa ogni volta che spenderete la` un po` del vostro tempo, posso giurarvelo!!Personalmente vado la` ogni volta che posso per essere avvolta da un senso di calma e pace, per respirare un po` di aria buona, per stare un po` in mezzo ad alberi antichissimi e per sdraiarmi,anche solo per qualche minuto, in uno dei tanti giardini. Kings Park e` ed e`stato luogo di eventi per bambini, ragazzi ed anche I meno giovani! Vi si trova un museo di arte aborigena, c`e` anche un bellissimo negozio che si chiama “Aspects” dove vengono venduti i lavori di artisti locali. Per una bevuta o per uno spuntino ci sono bar e un ristorante rinomato, ma per mantenere la vostra pausa a costo zero potete sempre sfruttare le zone picnic e gli immancabili BBQ!Se vi va di trasformare la vostra passeggiata in un escursione culturale tutti i giorni vengono organizzate escursioni gratuite dai volontari del parco che vi illustreranno la flora prestente.

Un`altra cosa che vi lascera` davvero senza fiato e`il magnifico panorama che mostra la sottostante citta` di Perth.

Insomma, il vostro desiderio di andare a dare un`occhiata e`stato stimolato abbastanza?E allora che cosa aspettate? E` un posto davvero perfetto per tutti ed e` completamente gratuito!!!!!


Feb 28


Partenza ore 7.00- THE PINNACLES MAGIC
La partenza di mattina presto e` un grandissimo vantaggio, le strade non sono affollate e, avendo la prima tappa allo YANCHEP National Park dopo soltanto 45min, riusciamo a goderci il parco in assoluta tranquillita`.
Saliti sul bus Marielle, la tour guide, in modo molto professionale, ci elenca le varie tappe che avremmo fatto durante il giorno e le norme di sicurezza da tener presente, dopodiche` inizia la parte divertente facendoci presentare e offrendoci cibo e bevande a volonta`!!
Come accennato prima, arriviamo al parco ancora senza turisti e ci godiamo la colazione ,THE MORNING TEA in mezzo alla natura ,ma la cosa migliore e` stata assaggiare bacche, marmellate e stuzzichini tipici della cultura aborigena!! Troppo forte!! Beh, ovviamente avevamo anche una grande scelta di cibi”normali”!!

Rifocillati ci siamo incamminati e dopo appena due minuti ci siamo ritrovati a fotografare mamma, papa` e baby canguro che ci saltellavano accanto! Proseguendo abbiamo trovato alcuni alberi di Eucalipto con sopra 4 o 5 Koala uno dei quali era talmente in basso che riuscivamo ad accarezzarlo! Il ranger di guardia in quel momento e` stato molto carino permettendoci di toccarlo. E`stato stupendo!!

Marielle, era davvero in gamba, preparata su qualsiasi cosa e questo ha reso il tutto molto, molto interessante… ti senti arricchito dopo aver passato una giornata con lei! Cavolo quante ne sa!!!E` riuscita a darci una spiegazione generale sulla storia dell`Australia da due punti fondamentali: quello aborigeno (con racconti fantastici) e quello coloniale( con racconti molto piu` terreni…), che e`piu`o meno quello che ci incuriosisce a proposito della terra dei canguri!

Ripartiamo e questa volta la meta punta solo al divertimento estremo….SANDBOARDING!Ne avete mai sentito parlare?? In Italia non credo ci sia posto dove poter praticarlo, anzi, a dire la verita` non credo siano molti i posti nel mondo dove viene praticato questo sport. Preparatevi a bruciare parecchie calorie la` sopra!! Tanta fatica per salire sulle dune , ma il triplo del divertimento a ridiscenderle con la tavola, che e`esattamente uguale a quella da snowboard, ma senza agganci!!

E poi il panorama da lassu`e`da togliere il fiato!!

Stanchi e felici andiamo ad abbuffarci al pranzo preparato apposta per noi sul mare!
E`un pranzo stile pic nic, ma rimarrete a bocca aperta nel vedere quante cose sono pronte per essere divorate! Cibi salutari e cibi per I piu` golosi! Tutti vengono soddisfatti ed e` proprio questo che mi e` rimasto in testa … Non importa quanti siamo, non importa chi siamo, non importa che esigenze abbiamo… torneremo a casa felici, contenti e con un bagaglio pieno di novita`! E, non meno importante, con nuovi amici!!
Con la pancia piena ci mettiamo alla volta dei MAGICI PINNACLES!!

Inutile dire che e` un`esperienza unica! In nessuna altra parte del modo e` possible trovarsi in un posto lontanamente simile… piuttosto saremmo costretti ad andare sulla Luna!! Eh si`, piu` o meno, e` proprio quella la sensazione che si ha camminando indisturbati alla scoperta dei Pinnacles….E la loro storia e` talmente impressionante, assurda e affascinante che non posso raccontarvela qui…!!
Ne vale la pena. E`un`esperienza suggestiva e irripetibile.Sembra una frase fatta, ma e` davvero quello che proverete durante l`intero giorno e di certo vi rimarra` ben impressa come una stupenda avventura!

Aug 24

What is the best way to travel the east coast of Australia?

There is never a wrong way to travel but first of all you should realise the great distance from Sydney to Cairns, Australia or reverse. A little bit of careful planning now, and a good trip will turn into a fantastic one!. I have put a few ideas here that might help you decide what is better for you. I understand that everyone is different and has a different budget so you might want to come in and have a talk with one of us at Travel Forever or you can always send an email. Remember it is free to talk to us and we like to be as helpful as we can.

If you want to travel 18 days or less then I recommend that you choose one of our great tours. These will allow you to see and experience as much as possible in a short amount of time. I have 5 trips in the shop or you may want to have a look at the website. They typically include all or most of your meals, accommodation, national park fees, driver/guide and as much fun as you can handle. I am often able to get a discount. So ask me before you book and I will do my best for you .Oh …. and one more thing, you must also remember to book early as these can be very popular.

If you are really short on time then car hire will get you there even faster….. again come in and see me as I have some one way hire cars and I will help you make the most of your time.

Most travellers will take from 21 to 28 days.  Some take a lot longer to really experience everything. There are beaches, Rainforest, desert islands, reefs, Mountains and loads of national parks waiting for you to discover!!!

Campervans.  These come in all shapes and sizes and quite often lots of colours too! I would have a guess at $70 to $100 a day in the winter and up to $90 to $140 a day in the summer. If there are 2/3 of you it can be very cost effective. You can go where you like, when you like and have a fantastic story to tell your friends when you get back home. Some people have said this is a very cheap way to travel. But I guess it depends on what you want to get out of your road trip. Hopefully your travelling friends have the same interests as you and it also helps if no one snores or has smelly feet. Ha ha!!

I always get the best available prices for you as this is what I do every day. I challenge you to get your best price from the internet and I will show you the same van, same dates and cheaper!

Bus passes  There are 5 passes that are valid for 90 days from when you start to travel and I have found that these are the most popular way to go along the coast. They are very popular because you can jump on and off where you like and you will meet lots of other young travellers along the way. Oh….did I mention they are very well priced. See me and I am sure I can get a discount too. I personally think that Greyhound are the best as they have 4 buses a day and if you plan well you can travel some of your journeys at night, saving on accommodation. Premier Coach Lines offer passes that are a little bit cheaper which is good if you already know when and where you want to go. Please be aware that they have only one bus a day so sometimes this can mean a 2am departure or arrival time! I sell all the passes in the shop. Another advantage of a bus pass is that we can make a discounted package for you by adding some open dated tickets for sailing around the Whitsunday islands and a 4WD drive trip to Fraser island or how about our east coast secret location. We have a Castaway island where we fly you to a desert island with 15 others. We use a small 4 seat plane to get you there for 3 AMAZING-BLOW- YOU- AWAY days for the great price of only $249 SSSSSHHHHH!!! Don’t tell everyone. We can only do this for 15 people at a time. So come in and ask me about it. I really hope that this information helps you. We are always here so come in and say hello and we can make a plan.

Hey! Look for my next letter on “What is the best ULURU tour?”. Paul

Jul 29

Perth to Exmouth 8 day tour with Red Earth Safaris

WOW!  How lucky are we to get Rowena to write up her personal view of our 8 day Perth to Exmouth tour. So, a big thank you from us.  To find out more about the tour follow this link 8 Day Perth to Exmouth ultimate safari.

Day 1 Perth to Cervantes

Hopped on the bus at Perth’s YHA with a backpack and a pillow, a sense of anticipation and a rough idea of the week ahead of me. A man named Terry greeted me with a firm handshake and an authentically Australian G’day, he was to be our personal guide, chauffeur, encyclopedia, parent, chef, and medic for the trip. Once all 13 of us were on board the bus and comfortable in our own seats, Terry ran through what we can expect from the tour, he told us a few comical stories from trip’s past and we began chatting amongst ourselves, asking questions typical of travelers – Where were we all from? Where had we been? What were we looking forward to most?   

Our first stop was Yanchep, as we took a look around the park Terry pointed out native eucalyptus tree’s and grass tree’s, and some had their first close encounter with kangaroo’s and koala’s. Next we hit the lime sand dunes of Lancelin, with significant effort we made it to the top, then came the fun, sliding down the face of a dune on small boards coated with surf wax, the brave and the reckless gave standing a go. We scrubbed the sand off our feet, had a brief lunch of fresh salad and ham sandwiches, got settled at our dorms for the night in Cervantes, took a beach walk, and then hit the road again (with a small detour to the bottle shop) to visit the world famous Pinnacles. Camera’s clicked away as we took in a brilliant orange sunset, and snacked on crackers with dip. Arriving home we feasted on warm, home made lasagne and learnt more about each other. 

Day Two – Cervantes to Kalbarri

The first of our early starts. An assorted breakfast of tea and coffee, toast and cereal, and we headed further north. Stopping at Dongara, for some carrot cake from the local cafe and a look at the jetty, a few flying fish flittering in the water in front of us. Then back on the road, some passengers fitting in a snooze, and other’s having their first glimpse through the windows, at vast and beautiful West Australian farm land. We parked at Grenough Wildlife Park, a refuge for injured and orphaned West Aussie animals. There we had the opportunity to get up close with native birds, camels, a crocodile, dingoes, and feed some kangaroo’s. We were also lucky enough to take turns cuddling Asher, a young Kangaroo Joey who suffered from a broken leg, and Angelica the python.

Unbeknown to many, we visited a separate country, The Principality of Hutt River Province, located in WA. There we met, Prince Leonard, a man of character and rare collections (coins, crystals and letters from the queen) and his son, who gave us a historic tour of the Province. Arriving in Kalbarri, we had some free time to stroll around the bay. We had a lesson in Aussie slang, over barbecued chicken, sangas (sausages) and salad for dinner.

Day Three – Kalbarri to Monkia Mia

After a toasty breakfast, we are on the bus, heading to magnificent Z bend gorge as the sun rises. When we arrive at our destination we look down at a river flowing through red rock, and breathe in fresh air. Some of us opted for an abseil down the rock face, a little frightening for those who are new to walking backwards off a ledge, but a rewarding experience. We then ventured further down, jumping rock to rock, to a secluded pool and sat down to take in the views, have a bite to eat and go for a swim. Terry told us more about the unique flora and fauna we encounter, and we’re off to Nature’s Window and Hawk’s head, both popular tourist attractions, surrounded by outback Australia.

A few hours later and we were looking at and learning about the oldest living organisms on the planet, Stromatalites, at Hamelin pool. We also stopped at a place named Shell beach, a little rough on the feet (a strong foot massage), but not to be missed, the sea and sky blended seamlessly on the horizon. The night was spent at Shark Bay, a place with small town charm, and friendly people. We devoured some carbonara for dinner and headed to the local pub for a few drinks and Karaoke night, again with the brave amongst us, taking the stage. 

Day Four – Monkey Mia to Coral Bay

First thing we made our way to Monkey Mia cove, a place famed for its warm water and playful dolphins. We took our place in a small crowd on the beach, and listened to a guide tell us about the different dolphin pod’s that visit Monkey Mia everyday. Eagle bluff was our next pitstop, windswept we searched for life in the clear aqua water beneath us, from the lookout we could see squid and stingray’s. Perhaps the most interesting drive of our trip, we seemed seriously insignificant driving down the second longest road in Australia, as red, dry land stretched far beyond every window, we were able to catch sight of some Hawk’s flying above. Our destination was a remote, and largely untouched area of WA, a sheep station with it’s own private beach. Jumping on the back of a truck, we made our way to the waves, took a refreshing dip in the salt water, had a few drinks on the sand as the sun set and then back to the sheep quarters where we spent the night around a campfire sharing stories and listening to guitar. Our dinner was a delicious roast followed by a dessert of toasted marshmallows and we slept under a blanket of stars.

Day Five – Coral Bay to Exmouth

The most relaxing point in our trip. We spent the day sun baking at Coral Bay, a tropical oasis just out of the outback. Coral Bay is popular with those who travel up north, and there are bountiful oceanic tours available, we had our choice of several. With a few others from my tour, I boarded a Glass bottomed boat, for a coral viewing tour. Snorkeling you can discover coral meters off shore, but being taken further out meant we got to glimpse giant clams, and swim through pristine, colourful corals. As we jumped in the water we were greeted by schools of fish and a wild sea turtle. For lunch we grabbed some freshly caught fish and chips and thai fish burgers near the bay. Hours later, blissed out, and a little sunburnt we made our way up to Exmouth. One we arrived, we got settled in our rooms at the Pot Shot hotel, had some mouthwatering mexican food for dinner and then headed to the adjoining pub for some dancing and a few happy hour cocktails. 

Day Six – Exmouth Overnight

Early rise, full of adrenalin. We made our way to Exmouth Diving Centre just outside our hotel, where we were briefed for our swim with the whale sharks. Then half an hour later we were at the docks, boarding a boat set for just beyond the surf break, where ocean giants awaited us. Once we were suited up in wetsuits, dive masks, snorkels and flippers, we jumped into the big blue and were met by plenty of fish, coral and reef sharks. The second dive we witnessed manta rays gliding through the water. A spotter plane circled above us searching and our captain was in contact with every other boat in the water, all aiming to give us the best dive possible. Then just before a delectable lunch of fresh bread and meat and salad platters, we had an experience that can only be described as extraordinary, we swam side by side, with a 7 meter long female whale shark, rare and graceful, this queen of the water seemed un fazed by our presence, swimming just metres below the surface. Then before we could catch our breath, two humpback whales began to break surface metres from our vessel. Those who opted not to join us on the tour, didn’t miss out, they joined Terry in spending what they described as a perfect day at Turquoise Bay, swimming and sunbaking at one of Australia’s most treasured reef hot spots. At night, we walked to a local restaurant and energetically shared stories of the day over pizza. 

Day Seven – Exmouth to Northampton

A change of pace and direction. We load the trailer and head south, with a few pit stops for petrol and fresh air we make our way down to Northhampton. Everyone is reflecting on the trip thus far, and the bus ride goes smoothly and quickly. Terry tells us a few ghost stories from previous stays at the Old Convent, where we will be sleeping for the night. All fairly tired from a day of chit chat and games on the bus, we arrive at the convent ready for fish and chips. In the kitchen we meet other spirited travelers heading north, we eagerly fill them in on the beauty of WA. Terry has organised a private room for us to dine, and after dinner we sit and play cards games until late in the night.

Day Eight – Northampton to Perth

The final stretch. Our last breakfast together has come around all too quickly. We load the trailer and hit the road. The morning bus trip is spent exchanging contact details, and as Terry takes us on a scenic route of the Swan Valley, he tells us all about the wineries and chocolate company. We say our goodbye’s back in Perth just before midday. I’m in disbelief at just how much we got to see and do in 8 days and I find myself promising to visit the wild west coast again, very, very soon.

Jun 21

Swagging it in the outback

I am often asked what is a swag? How are they? What are they like?

Well this happy little camper sums it all up rather well. In its simple form it can be described as a canvas sleeping bag that has the added benefit of a foam mattress inside. I have experienced the most wonderful nights sleep in the outback using a swag. Far better than one of those thin foam roll up mats they use as an excuse for a comfortable night sleep!  We use swags on our outback adventures far beyond the towns, villages. It is a unique experience to see the night sky when the moon has set with your head peeping out of a swag!!! Check out some of the great travel, holiday and tour adventures on our site.

Jun 19

Castaway – if you dare!

I have seen the movie. I liked it! There have been times in my life that I have wondered what it would be like. I mean, what it would really be like. Cast away on a deserted island adrift with just the sun and sea . Then I drift off and fantasise that I was washed up on an island along with a terabyte i-pod and a solar panel re-charger gizmo. Yeah that would be ok. Oh! and a couple of  friends to keep company ……………ahhhhh this is the life.

Well dream no more. There is an island on the Queensland coast set up just so you can experience (with a little Luxury) Your own piece of Castaway pleasure. I have put a link to the castaway island adventure here so you can see what goes on and how it works. Since its launch it has become a busy little spot with just 15 people at a time to be flown in and out to a little piece of paradise.

Apr 12

Rottnest Island Forever!!!

Hello everyone…..I have a special……. HOT just for you.
We like to call it the ‘Early Riser Maximiser’! Travel on the 7.15am ferry from Fremantle B Shed and not only will you enjoy an amazing FULL DAY on the island but we will also reward you with:

· FREE snorkel hire to explore Rottnest’s many shallow reefs

· FREE afternoon Swan River cruise from Fremantle to Perth

· And all at a great DISCOUNTED rate

Book the Experience Rottnest – Ferry & Bike Hire package (ER1) for just $89, or the Adventure Rottnest – Ferry, Adventure Tour and Bike Hire package (EC8) for just $119 including the above bonuses! CALL US DIRECT 08 6267 0700

CONDITIONS: Ferry and Bike promotion valid until 31 May 2014. Adventure Tour promo valid until 27 April when tour season ends.

Feb 5

Whale Shark Swim Tours; Ningaloo Reef, Exmouth and Coral Bay

Great news – whale sharks will soon be “holidaying”  around Exmouth and Coral Bay on the west coast of Australia.  These gentle giants visit the Ningaloo Reef each year from March until July, although they have been know to arrive earlier and stay much later. Swimming beside a ten metre long shark is something you do not quickly forget. Combining this experience with plenty of time in the water snorkelling, checking out turtles, rays and millions of colourful fish at some fantastic spots on the Ningaloo Reef, makes it a brilliant day out.

Travel Forever has lots of good advice regarding how to get up to Exmouth and Coral Bay, where to stay whilst you’re there and what is the best tours to do.  Don’t miss an opportunity to spend a fantastic day with the worlds largest fish.

Jan 31

The “Pink Lakes of Esperance”

pink lake near Esperance

My first encounter with a pink lake was 20 years ago. I was unaware that they even existed at the time. Imagine driving along and seeing one appear before you !!. I first thought it must a trick of the light . The lake can at times be so pink that it would be fair to suggest an hallucination . Fortunatly that is not the case, but chemicals, all natural I might add are here because of  the bacteria and the right weather conditions. The 6 day Secrets of Esperance tour visits this remarkable lake as part of . I highly recommend visiting Lake Hillier as part of any journey around the South West of Western Australia. Check out these fantastic photos .

Jan 21

Super Sydney Sightseeing Tours

I think Sydney is great. There are so many beautiful places to discover and loads of exciting things to do. It is Australia’s most famous and recognisable city, with the Sydney Harbour bridge and the Opera House etched in the minds of most people before they have even stepped on a plane to come to Australia. Without a doubt it is exciting standing in Circular Quay with “the Bridge” to your left, the Opera house to your right, and a flotilla of ferries in-front of you waiting to take you to an array of interesting places up and down the magnificent Sydney Harbour.

Tip # 1 –  catch a ferry to Cockatoo Island and enjoy a drink lounging on the deck chairs looking down the harbour. It’s a wonderful location and the small ferry fare is worth every cent. Whilst you are there have a stroll around the island and check out some of the art installations dotted around the place. Pack a picnic. There are barbecues on the island and camping facilities. It’s a secret little Sydney gem.

Tip # 2 – catch a bus to Bondi beach and walk to Coogee Beach. This walk takes you along the coast via some beautiful and iconic Sydney beaches. Pack a day pack with a water bottle, towel and swim-wear and enjoy the serenity. The walk takes about 1.5 hours so it is something you can do early in the morning and finish with breakfast or lunch in Coogee. You can do this walk in reverse but I found, and this is a totally personal decision, that the Coogee pub was a great place to sit and look at the beach from, with an icy cold beer in my hand. Bondi didn’t seem to have this, without wearing a “smart casual” outfit, something I was lacking having just swam at three different beaches. Either or, it’s a great walk and I highly recommend it.

These are just two recommendations, but I have many more. Simply contact Travel Forever and we will hopefully be able to make your visit to Sydney and the rest of Australia better.




Dec 19

Magical Monkey Mia and Shark Bay Adventure

I recently visited Shark Bay where Monkey Mia can be found. It wasn’t the first time I had been there – I was lucky enough to be a tour guide  in Western Australia for six years and had the privilege of visiting this remote peninsular a number of times – but it was definitely the most fascinating. Unlike my previous visits, when I stopped only at the main icons such as Shell Beach and  Monkey Mia, this time I spent some quality time investigating the Shark Bay World Heritage Area thoroughly. (Read about why Shark Bay is a World Heritage area).  Don’t get me wrong, seeing the pod of dolphins that visit the beach at Monkey Mia each day is very, very special, but I discovered a number of other places that are equally as interesting.

The Shark Bay World Heritage Area covers 2.2 million hectares on the Western Australian coast. This is an area slightly bigger than Wales and approximately half the size of the Netherlands or Switzerland. Shark Bay is located approximately 800 kilometres north of Perth and has a population of less than 1000. Almost all of these people live in the fishing village of Denham, but it is Monkey Mia that is the most famous place to visit because of the Bottlenose dolphins.

The first stop as you head west from Overlander Roadhouse is Hamelin Pool and the Stromatolites. If you are a geologist this might be the main reason you visit the area because the Stromatolites are incredibly unique and special both in their discovery and their purpose. The Stromatolites at Hamelin Pool are approximately 2000 years old, but they give an insight into the formation of the Earth 3.5 billion years ago!

After immersing yourself in the fascinating geology of the Stromatolites, next stop is Shell Beach. As the name suggests this is a beach made entirely of shells. Beautiful, small, perfectly white shells. Billions of them. Ten metres deep, one kilometre wide and  approximately ten kilometres long. This has to be seen to be believed. The water here is usually calm and clear and great for swimming, so take your bathers.

A short drive away is Eagle Bluff. This is spectacular spot to stop and have a look at the amazing coast-line. Often schools of sharks can be seen swimming in the shallow water below! If you want to get up-close to some sharks and other marine wild-life make sure to stop at Ocean Park Aquarium. Here you will see loads of marine creatures, as well as shark feeding!

Denham has lots of accommodation options and is a really lovely little coastal village. I stayed there instead of a Monkey Mia and was pleasantly surprised. In fact, I got to vote at the local primary school whilst I was there and discovered a nice, new school far better in facilities than most of the schools in Perth! The local pub is good fun and if you are there out of peak season you have a good chance of talking to some crusty old fisherman that have some wild tales to tell. You might even jag yourself a trip on a fishing adventure.

Obviously Monkey Mia is worth a visit. The beach here is beautiful and great for swimming. The Bottlenose dolphins come very close to the beach so you an take loads of photos of them. You cannot touch them because this causes them harm but the staff do choose a few people each day to feed the dolphins so hopefuly you are one of the lucky ones.

Shark Bay World Heritage Area is well worth a visit. Whether you do it by car or campervan, or by tour, I’m sure you will discover something special there.


Dec 19

12 Apostles Mystery tour

I love a good mystery dont you? Whilst i was researching the Great Ocean Road 3 day tour from Adelaide to Melbourne I stumbled across this entry in wikipidia.

The apostles were formed by erosion: the harsh and extreme weather conditions from the Southern Ocean gradually eroded the soft limestone to form caves in the cliffs, which then became arches, which in turn collapsed; leaving rock stacks up to 45 metres high. The site was known as the Sow and Piglets until 1922 (Muttonbird Island, near Loch Ard Gorge, was the Sow, and the smaller rock stacks were the Piglets); after which it was renamed to The Apostles for tourism purposes. The formation eventually became known as the Twelve Apostles, despite only ever having nine stacks.

Interestingly the name was changed to the Apostles , “Why would you?” comes to mind. This is just one of the unususl facts that are ready to be discovered when you travel along the Great Ocean Road.

Aug 1

Fun and games on the road to Exmouth


Anyone that has visited the Ningaloo Reef knows how amazing it is. Unlike the more famous Great Barrier Reef, Ningaloo reef is situated just metres off the beach, no boat trips required, and therefore no added costs. The only difficulty is getting there but it is well worth the effort.

Located approximately 1,300 kilometres north of Perth, on the west coast of Australia, it is basically “in the middle of no-where!” You can fly from Perth to Learmonth airport, near Exmouth, and if you are short on time this is your best option. Flights can be reasonably priced if booked well in advance, but if not you will find they are around $300 each way. Again, this is not too extravagant considering you can swim with all manner of amazing creatures such as manta rays, sting rays, reef sharks, whale sharks, octopus and countless varieties of tropical fish when you get there, but for the budget traveller that is big on time but low on cash, taking an all-inclusive tour or hiring a vehicle and creating your own adventure, is the more attractive option.

Tours that travel from Perth to Exmouth take five or six days one way, depending on which tour company you travel with, and seven or eight days return to Perth. It’s a big distance to cover – about the same distance as Paris to Rome – and there are some amazing natural wonders to see along the way, and that’s the whole point. A journey along the west coast is definitely not about seeing historical villages, awe inspiring cathedrals and ancient architecture. Instead it is about the wide open spaces, timeless landscapes and unique natural wonders that cannot be found any where else in the world. A tour is a great way to travel, especially if you are travelling alone, because you will be taken to “the best bits” that are otherwise hard to get to. Relax and enjoy the ride and get to meet some great people along the way.

Driving the west coast of Australia is brilliant. The roads are good, flat, and it is almost impossible to get lost. A vehicle you can sleep in is a bonus because there are so many great places to stay the night. In fact the west coast of Australia is one of the best places in the world for a remote “outback” road trip. It is politically safe, sparsely populated and the environment is pristine. There is no trouble with finding the next petrol station, or places to have an ice cold beer, and there is an abundance of good weather. Not just good, but good and hot.

The water along the coast is clean and clear. The beaches have soft white sand. The sun is shining almost every day, and the wonders of the Ningaloo reef is the pot of gold at the end of the journey. It is well worth the effort.