5 tips for domestic travel in Australia

//5 tips for domestic travel in Australia

5 tips for domestic travel in Australia

If you ask somebody which destinations are on their travel bucket list, there’s a strong chance that they’ll say Australia. This goes for Australians too, and it’s easy to see why: with so much to offer in our own country, why would we want to go anywhere else? Whatever kind of holiday you prefer, whether it’s kicking back on the beach, exploring a vibrant city or trying out some adventure sports, there is truly something for everyone.


There are lots of things to bear in mind when planning your staycation. How long should I stay for, how much am I willing to spend, and where should I stay, are just some of the questions that you will need to ask yourself before you can start planning your trip. To help you out, here are some top tips to help you plan an unforgettable vacation in your own country.


  1. Plan ahead

This one might seem obvious, but hear us out. Travelling to a destination in your own country is of course usually far less stressful than travelling abroad, so it can be tempting to leave everything until the last minute. But even if your holiday destination is right on your doorstep, it’s always wise to plan ahead to get the best deal possible on things like transport and accommodation, especially if you will be travelling in peak season.


Another factor you might need to consider is, if you are flying to your destination, how will you get to and from the airport? For those travelling via an airport in Australia or New Zealand, we recommend checking out Flyparks. Flyparks is a comparison and booking platform that allows you to compare and book the best deals on parking at all major airports throughout Australia and New Zealand, including Brisbane airport parking.


  1. Make an itinerary…

Many people go on holiday to escape the business of everyday life for a while. With that being said, some people like to arrive at their holiday destination, chill out and go with the flow rather than having an action packed itinerary to complete. But even if this is your style, it’s always a good idea to at least have a general idea of what you might like to see and do during your trip. This way, you can be sure that you won’t miss any of the must-see sights in your destination.


  1. … or let Travel Forever do it for you!

We understand that all of this planning and researching can seem like an overwhelming task. Holidays are supposed to be a relaxing time filled with happy memories, but having to plan it all can be incredibly stressful. So why not let Travel Forever do all of the hard work for you? We are the experts in arranging everything you need for your domestic travel in Australia. We offer lots of different packages for every type of trip you can think of, whether you want to explore a new city for half a day, or embark on a 22 days-long adventure of a lifetime.


  1. Try something new

Another reason that so many Australians choose to stay in the country for their vacations is that it offers plenty of activities that are hard to come by (or at least at the same quality, anyway) elsewhere around the world. Most famously, you can marvel at koalas and kangaroos in their true native habitats. Staying in Australia is also the perfect time to try a new adventure sport such as surfing or paddle boarding, as our country is home to some seriously stunning beaches and impressive waves.


  1. Treasure the memories

If there is one thing that we can promise you, it’s that wherever you decide to go in Australia, it will certainly be a trip to remember. So, it’s important to capture the memories! Why not invest some money into buying a great quality camera or smartphone before you go? It might also be a nice idea to buy yourself a journal or a scrapbook to document your trip and keep any photos, tickets or souvenirs that you collect in one place.

 Now that you have all of the tips you need, get started on planning your Australian adventure with us today!

Written by Rachael Vickerman for Travel Forever


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